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Smt. Theresa Fernandes Memorial Charitable Trust

Regn. Bom. Public Trust 1950
No. E-789 (DRW) 20.9.1997

TFM Charitable Trust - Dharwad, Karnataka, India

Dear Friends

The Smt. Theresa Fernandes Memorial Charitable Trust (TFM Charitable Trust) is non-governmental organization. The Trust started in 1997 and it is registered under the Bombay Trust Act. Its aim is to work, with God's grace and dedication, for the welfare of the intellectually challenged, the elderly and the needy. Our achivements are the result of many caring hands joined to care for the helpless and hopeless.

This NGO started a Special School and Home for intellectualy challenged children named MAMTA SPECIAL SCHOOL in Dharwad (Karnataka) in 1997. This school is approved and recognized by the Government of Karnataka as a special education school.

MAMTA SPECIAL SCHOOL has its door wide open to children who are intellectually disadvantaged, no matter what their caste, colour or religion. Presently the school has 43 special children/adults in the age group of 6 to 26 years. The children/adults are drawn from lower middle class and middle class families. Special children cannot be independent threfore; they need careful transportation to get to school, so the transportation charges become an added burden to the parents.

MAMTA SPECIAL SCHOOL needs two (2) vehicles which will transport the children from different destinations to school at a subsidized rate. A Maruti OMNI - 8 seater will cost about Rs. 2,88,000/- which includes insurance, life time road tax and registration.

An individual/group of individuals/association could donate one or both the vehilces.

Experience the joy to reach out with a generous heart in making the special children realize their dreams and hopes. Freely give and share the joy of serving them.

Kindly send your contributions in favour of TFM Charitable Trust, Dharwad,
SB Account No. 010943178498, State Bank of India, Dharwad Branch 0833,
Karnataka, India.

God Loves A Cheerful Giver.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Ms. Margaret Fernandes
Smt. Theresa Fernandes Memorial Charitable Trust
Address: Morning Star, Koppadkere, Dharwad - 580 008, Karnataka, India
Tel: +91 0836 2742690 / 2442141

Email: elviradsouza@hotmail.com

Regn. Bom. Public Trust 1950
No. E0700 (DWR) 29.9.1997

Address: Morning Star, Koppadkere, Dharwad - 580008, Karnataka (India)
Tel: (836) 2742690 / 2442141
maggief@sancharnet.in or maggief@sify.com


MAMTA - School and Home for SPECIAL CHILDREN
* Provides high quality care and protection for the mentally challenged and helpless children irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
* Shelters and protects these special children.
* Trains and develops their capabilities.
* Upholds the rights of the disabled and offers vocational training to integrate them into the mainstream of society.

* Sensitize people towards aging and its consequences.
* Creates community awareness of the problems faced by the geriatric people.
* Enlightens the young to realize the importance of elders in their lives.
* Reaches out to comfort the elderly in loneliness, illness, deprivation.

ASHA-KIRAN - Free education for the GIRL-CHILD
* Rehabilitates and encourages poor rural girls to live a dignified human life in society.
* Provides education, shelter, protection, food, medicine and hope.

KHUSHI - Non-Formal Education for the STREET CHILD
* Provides basic health care to value cleanliness and hygiene.
* Attempts to reduce ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

All services with one motto
"Service Unto Man Is Service Unto God"

We are a registered Charitable Trust who started out in September 1997.
This non-Governmental organization emerged from the dire necessity to uplift our unfortunate brothers and sisters in this area of Karnataka.

We kindly request your patronage to support this cause. Any amount you offer will be graciously accepted. The cheque/draft may be drawn in favour of Ms. Margaret Fernandes, TFM Charitable Trust, payable at Dharwad.

For details, please contact:
maggief@sancharnet.in or maggief@sify.com
or in Kuwait, Elvira & Joseph D'Souza - Tel: (965) 22439602 / 66406616 / 99426533

"God Loves A Cheeful Giver"